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Scorecards are an easy and educational way to really focus in on how to Save Our Shop. When you partner with autofix, you partner with an auto repair shop coach who is dedicated to working to help the United States auto repair industry. Scorecards will give us all the nuggets of gold, as well as the “dirt” on your auto repair shop. What is really working out for you? How is that car count? How are the Google reviews? What are customers saying? What is your repeat customer count like? What’s not working? What drives you crazy?

At autofix, Chris Cotton is dedicated to one cause, and only one: Save Our Shop. One call to the right auto repair shop coach can mean the difference in the auto repair industry in the United States between closing the doors...and having a windfall year. Call today to see if autofix is right for you. Together, we can fill out a Scorecard for Success and see what the strengths and weaknesses of your auto repair shop businesses are. We can look up information on your auto repair shop and show you what we see about your business. Then, we can do a consultation so you can tell Chris more.

Chris Cotton is a very unique accountability coach in the auto repair industry. He doesn’t require contracts. Chris will meet with you for 2-3 consultations, for one month. You can learn what he does, get a little bite of how he can help you, and decide if you want to work with him after that first month. This offer is risk-free for the shop owner for one month--no contracts, ever! Fill out your scorecard today and let’s get you started. Let’s Save Our Shop! We look forward to you having you contact us.


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