Do your employees Give Great Phone? Would they know if they did or didn’t?

What I see most often in small business is that we rush to hire and then fail to follow up with their training. We put new hires on the phone not knowing if they know how they talk to customers. Then why aren’t we following up on what the new hires say to the customers? By not praising and rewarding them on what they did right we are teaching and training them poor customer service. Your employees don’t know what they don’t know!

Clients use our program to do the following:

  • Locate and identify small problems before they become bad habits
  • Identify training and operational weaknesses
  • Identify opportunities to serve customers more effectively than the competition
  • Link incentives to performance

Telephone Mystery Shopping

We do this by listening to your staff phone calls. We report on inconsistent or incorrect answers given to customers across multiple calls. Clients can then correct inconsistencies to ensure that accurate and consistent information is given in response to inquiries.

Business Intelligence

Win more sales. Learn more about your strengths and your competition’s weaknesses. This will help you to have a more direct comparison on your services, products, and pricing.


Increase revenue by turning customer transactions into winning opportunities for employees. Instant-reward mystery shops recognize employees that Give Great Phone and reward them with prize packages. What happens when every employee knows that at any time the next customer could be a phone mystery shopper?

The only thing that separates your business from others is customer service, that type of service doesn’t happen by accident. Train yourself and your employees to excel and the results will amaze you!


We will develop a process that fits your companies’ needs, and then we will train your staff on fulfilling your customers every expectation.

Industries We Serve

  • Food and Beverage
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality

There are many ways that companies improve operations through the use of telephone mystery shops.

1. Turn Calls into Sales:

Ensure that a Prospect’s Initial Point of Contact is consistently Positive: For many businesses, an employee who answers the phone is a new prospect’s first point of contact with the business. It is critical to evaluate how employees sound and what wording they are using when making a first impression. YOU spend too much time and money making the phone ring to let them fail!

2. Train New and Existing Employees:

Whether you operate bank branches, restaurants or retail units, an effective way to provide guidance to employees on phone expectations is to allow them to listen to a phone interaction between an actual employee and customer. With recorded phone calls, you have that opportunity.

3. Evaluate Customer Service Skills:

A mystery shopper posing as a customer can call your locations to see how employees will respond. Does your company have a specific process for problem resolution? Are you concerned that employees are not all following the process consistently? Recorded phone calls can shed some light on these issues.

4. Provide Positive Feedback:

Managers listening to an employee’s phone discussion with a customer have a concrete example of what the employee sounds like on the phone. This is easier than trying to listen to an employee on the phone as you are passing by. When listening in passing, you may not remember exactly what was said, and you don’t have the luxury of hearing what the customer was saying. With recorded telephone shops, when an employee uses effective wording, sounds enthusiastic, and exceeds expectations, you have another way to provide them with positive feedback.

5. Provide Constructive Feedback:

Employees do not capitalize on the opportunities that a phone conversation with a prospect may present. For example, the employee may not invite the prospect to visit the location to learn more or purchase the service/product. In this case, there is an opportunity to listen to the call together and discuss what the employee might say next time to make the interaction more effective.


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