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I understand that more often than not, shop owners feel alone, with nobody to bounce ideas off of, nobody to hold them accountable, nobody to help them put new systems in place, nobody to help them reach their goals and nobody to confirm where their numbers need to be to achieve the highest level of success. Unlike most coaches, I’m not afraid to share my successes or my struggles. Fortunately for both of us I’ve had lots of both!

Chris Cotton Founder

Welcome to autofix, home of the best auto repair shop coach in the auto repair industry in the United States. At autofix, Chris Cotton has one main directive: Save Our Shop! What does Save Our Shop mean? In a world that is constantly changing, it is really important for an auto repair shop to have a repair shop coach or consultant. Chris is often the last resort for a shop before they consider selling, or worse, closing their doors. He is the face of autofix...and he can Save Our Shop! He offers service advisor coaching, one-on-one coaching, repair shop management, and service advisor training. He can show you how to run an auto repair shop, manage your mechanics, offer auto repair insight, and help you deal with any other challenges that may come up in the quest to Save Our Shop!

Chris Cotton was taught to revere entrepreneurs at a young age. He has been in business for himself or his family his entire life. Long before he learned anything about cars, he was riding his bike to his Granny’s restaurant to wash dishes and stock the jukebox with quarters. While other kids were playing Kick the Can, he was watching his Granny and dad run a restaurant, a lumber yard, and later, a service station. As a young child, he assisted them in their business endeavors. Later, he began working as a salesman. Chris brought all of this experience to the table to become a successful auto repair shop coach available anywhere in the United States. This is why he is one of the most sought-after auto repair shop coaches in the auto repair industry. Auto repair shop owners come to him because they trust that he can help them Save Our Shop!

Chris has always been passionate about sales and customer service. However, what he cares about most is building a relationship with you. Your auto repair shop is your life! It’s your livelihood, it’s the way you put bread on the table, it’s your reason for getting up in the morning. His commitment is to YOUR goals--YOUR success--period. If you can’t trust Chris or don’t like his advice, tell him to go kick rocks. As always, he is here to help you. To ensure that when you set foot into your auto repair shop in the United States every morning, you know EXACTLY what you need to do to Save Our Shop. We look forward to you contacting us.

About The Coaching Program

You want to move the needle? I know how, and can show you the way. I offer one month of FREE coaching in an effort to improve your business. During this exploration not only will we review the financials of your business, but I take time to understand your culture and values; to build a personal program intended to help you and your business. A plan of action will be developed upon completion of this review process, with your budget in mind. I am FLEXIBLE and the buck stops with me. 

This means that when you work with me, as the owner of Autofix, you are not receiving a cookie-cutter program. In fact, you are getting a very unique and personal experience. It is the attention your shop deserves!

This is why I offer one month of FREE coaching, during which I; 

  • Pinpoint areas of your shop where there is room for growth or improvement
  • Give you professional recommendations to help you reach your shop goals
  • Listen to your challenges, and put your needs above all else
  • I will make sure that you walk away from your FREE month of coaching with the understanding that you don't have to do it all alone.

My goal is to leave you with much more confidence in your shop's path to success. In my short career I have helped his clients realize over 10 million dollars in ROI (return on investment). 

Pinpoint areas of your shop where there’s room for growth or improvement

Give you professional recommendations to help you reach your shop’s goals

Listen to your challenges, and put your needs above all else

I will make sure that you walk away from your Free Business Health Check with the understanding that you don't have to do it all alone leaving you with much more confidence in your shop's path to success.

What Our Clients Say

“I met Chris Cotton in the summer of 2012. He was just starting work in Baltimore, Maryland. My shop was a client and Chris was our new consultant/coach. He took his personal time to come visit my shop, on a Saturday, after a week of training in Baltimore. We are about an hour south of Baltimore. No one prior to or since has visited our shop. That says something to me about Chris! I spoke to Chris once a week a year. He was always positive, kind and thoughtful. Offering advice when needed and was a great person to bounce ideas off of. If you need assistance in your business, I would recommend seeking Chris’ assistance.”
Gary M. Mendelson, President

If you are interested in staying up-to-date with all things autofix, check out our blog! On it, Chris discusses ways that an auto repair shop coach can help you, an auto repair industry professional in the United States, achieve success, and he also shares a lot about who he is, and what drives his motivation to Save Our Shop! Be sure to bookmark the blog, as he updates it frequently! We look forward to you having you contact us.

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